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Simply call us and get registered.


Submit your idea, get it's potential measured.

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Work with us to bring your idea to life.

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We find Angel Investors for you, all you have to do is prove your idea to them

Our Features


Space at Osahub India office for the founders. We provide infrastructure such as high speed internet, business hour IT support, etc.


From Osahub experts, top entrepreneurs, investors, academicians, pioneers from the industry, and global experts in technology and design.

Industry Insights & CxO Team

Invaluable insights from the industry leaders, CxO members.


Angel Investors and other financial help provided at all stages of growth.

Few FAQs

Just like a Greenhouse is ideal for nurturing and protecting plants, Osahub Startup Accelerator is ideal for nurturing startup ideas. We provide a support system for startups, so innovative ideas can turn into reality. We work hand in hand with startup founders, mentors, industry experts, coaches and investors to make startups succeed.
We select startup teams & individuals with innovative ideas in technology and non technology areas such as education, healthcare, environment, design, hospitality etc.
We provide office space, IT infrastructure and other resources required for your startup to get started. During the first few weeks, your team goes through a very intensive process of shaping and building your idea, supported by our mentors.
Mentors are very successful entrepreneurs, academicians, industry influencers and investors. Mentors come from various walks of life with varied knowledge and skills in different aspects of business. They help you build your startup in a fail-proof manner. The advice and support your startup receives from mentors is worth way more than any investment. Using their experience, expertise and connections, they will help you overcome the challenges your startup encounters.

We're not the only ones excited about OSA StartUp...

A strong team of experts working at Fortune 500 Companies, to mentor and guide your team.