Who We Are

OSAHUB was started by a group of entrepreneurs from IIT & IIM with the aim of establishing a R&D Centre where bright minds can create their own technologies, learn from the experiences of others, and teach for the benefit of the rest of the world.

These entrepreneurs have done a brilliant work in their respective fields before coming together with a common aim. The idea is to provide the tools of the trade to budding students and amateur entrepreneurs who wish to venture into open markets. We are the helping hand that will guide you in your quest for success. The team of OSAHUB has conducted numerous workshops, taught thousands of students, faculties and helped many start-ups grow.

We take pride in the victories and successes of our mentees and friends.

Our team has a foothold in various parts of the world and we collectively thrive to bring the best technology and support in the hands of corporates, entrepreneurs and students. We will continue to work tirelessly and efficiently to help those who choose to trust us with their vision.