2-Day workshop on Drupal by OSAHUB Technologies.

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About Workshop

A workshop on "DRUPAL" presented by OSAHUB Technologies.

Drupal is a free and open source content management framework written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License. It is used as a back-end system for at least 1% of all websites worldwide ranging from personal blogs to larger corporate and political sites including whitehouse.gov and data.gov.uk.

As the world is moving towards Web 2.0 there is all time high demand for professionals who can use and develop applications on content management frameworks. The rapid website assembling, the modularity and the extensible architecture of Drupal provide an ideal ground to develop powerful web apps. Drupal has a thriving community behind it and the framework provides very powerful tools for customisation. It has zero software acquisition cost, it runs on industry standard LAMP stack and it has a proven security record.

From a student's perspective, learning Drupal ensures that they have better chances of placement. With the number of graduates lining up for each job becoming higher each day, candidates who have relevant exposure to contemporary technologies and who are familiar with the use of technology for real world problem solving get preference. Moreover coming to the final semester projects, Drupal is a gateway to a whole new world of projects which the candidates can pursue. Learning Drupal ensures that the candidates benefit from this extremely powerful framework when they complete their university course.

This course is ideal for web developers, IT security professionals, network engineers, Windows and Linux administrators, security engineers, database administrators and webmasters as well as anyone interested in learning web designing.

  • Comprehensive course material will be provided to participants
  • Software tool kit CD having e-books, videos, software, codes etc.
  • Learn & Interact with renowned Industry Experts
  • Receive an unparalleled education on the art of upcoming technology with personal one-on-one attention
  • Hands on Demonstrations of Latest Computing Techniques & Tools
  • Power Point Presentation, Live Demos, Interactive Question & Answer session and comprehensive reading material
  • Passion to learn new creative things
  • Knowledge of how to use Computer
  • Knowledge of Computer Languages
  • Having basic knowledge of Web & Internet

What You'll Learn

  • Creating the Module files and where to put them
  • Drupal's Hook System and how to use it
  • Creating Menu Entries and making Permissions
  • Making, Altering and Responding to Drupal Forms
  • Creating your own Blocks
  • Writing Custom code in your module that integrates with Drupal core and other modules
  • When to write code and when NOT to write code!


  • Class is taken quite professionally without focusing much on spoon feeding stuff, I like it pretty much since am a student. Instructor explained things very clearly and also making sure that he covers the content as planned.

    Anubhav Mangla3rd year, BBA

  • It has been a fun course. The faculty members are very knowledgable and things are easy to follow.

    Prateek Singh3rd year, B. Tech., IT


  • Understanding Client Server Model
  • LAMP[Linux, Apache , MySQL, PHP] Architecture
  • Why Drupal?
  • Getting Started with Drupal
  • Drupal history and real world examples
  • Installation
  • Modules
  • Themes
  • Hooks
  • Nodes
  • Fields
  • Blocks
  • Menu
  • Filters
  • Taxonomy
  • LAMP, Core, Contributed, Custom
  • Adding and Editing site content
  • Creating new content types and fields
  • Adding fields to content types and customizing their display
  • Tagging content with the Taxonomy system
  • Learning about Menus
  • Creating and configuring blocks
  • Understand the Drupal logs
  • User management Users, Roles and Permissions
  • Modules and Themes Basics
  • Installing extra modules to add functionality to your site
  • Understanding Views
  • Controlling content listings with Views
  • Devel and devel generate
  • Block creation and listing using views
  • Profiles
  • Users, Roles and Permissions
  • Keeping your site up-to-date
  • Using the Drupal community to learn even more
  • Rules and Flags
  • Adding a WYWIWYG editor to Drupal
  • Understanding Drush
  • Controlling content listings with Views
  • Using advanced field modules including Field Permissions, Field Collections, and Field Group
  • Controlling Content layout with Panels
  • Add a webform to your site
  • Using views arguments to dynamically filter your results based on the URL
  • Calendar Integration
  • Understanding Settings.php
  • Database Overview
  • Querying from Drupal Database
  • Installation Profiles
  • Understanding Drupal’s API and the hook system
  • Creating a basic module
  • Using the Form API
  • Providing themeable output from a module
  • Using Drupal Entity Hooks
  • Providing themable output from your module
  • Discussion on available drupal hooks and usage
  • Using a Responsive Theme to make a mobile friendly site
  • Drupal coding best practices
  • Sub Themeing
  • Template files and manipulation
  • Creating Theme from Scratch
  • Techniques for keeping your site secure

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