Ethical Hacking & Information Security

2-Day workshop on Ethical Hacking & Information Security
by OSAHUB Technologies.

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About Workshop

A workshop on "ETHICAL HACKING & INFORMATION SECURITY" presented by OSAHUB Technologies.

With 50+ topics and over 16 hours of content this course is perfect for beginning to understand ethical hacking and penetration testing from scratch.

Students will be shown how to gather information intelligence, find web application and system security vulnerabilities, how to scan using Nmap and bypass IDS protected targets, how to hack clients using modern web browsers and how to collect important information once a system has been hacked into.

This course is ideal for web developers, IT security professionals, network engineers, Windows and Linux administrators, security engineers, database administrators and webmasters as well as anyone interested in learning basic ethical hacking techniques.

Upon completion, students will be able to apply ethical hacking practices to identify potential weaknesses, and understand the moves hackers would make to attempt to exploit a system. Students will also have the knowledge to recommend security measures that will make systems more impenetrable to hackers.

  • Comprehensive course material will be provided to participants
  • Software tool kit CD having e-books, videos, software, codes etc.
  • Learn & Interact with renowned Industry Experts
  • Receive an unparalleled education on the art of upcoming technology with personal one-on-one attention
  • Hands on Demonstrations of Latest Computing Techniques & Tools
  • Power Point Presentation, Live Demos, Interactive Question & Answer session and comprehensive reading material
  • Passion to learn new creative things
  • Knowledge of how to use Computer
  • Knowledge of Computer Languages
  • Having basic knowledge of Web & Internet

What You'll Learn

  • Becoming a White Hat Hacker
  • Learn from the basics of Ethical Hacking
  • Learn to use Backtrack (Linux based Penetration Testing OS)
  • Live demonstrations of Various hacking tricks
  • Authorized Ethical Hacking Certification


  • A very good course covering lots of topics. Excellent class delivery and lecture notes. I really learnt a lot and will surely miss not having the classes any more. I will definitely keep in touch with Osahub and my instructor through LinkedIn and emails. I would also like to convey my special thanks to the Osahub support team for their prompt technical support that is available 24/7.

    Nitin Anand

  • It was an excellent session and course. Good job by Instructor!

    Purva Sharma


  • Ethics and Hacking
  • Hacking History: How it all began?
  • Why is security needed?
  • Ethical Hacking Vs Malicious Hacker
  • Types of Hackers
  • Steps in Ethical Hacking
  • Network and its types
  • Basics of Internet
  • What is a server?
  • What is an IP Address?
  • IP-Domain Relation
  • Client-Server Relationship Model
  • Internet networking
  • What is a port?
  • What is Programming?
  • Types of programming languages
  • What is a Programming loophole or error?
  • What is Information gathering?
  • Types of Information gathering
  • Information sources on internet: Websites, Softwares, Search Engines etc.
  • Whois access
  • IP scanning
  • Port scanning
  • Network scanning & its tools
  • Google Search engine
  • Hacking using Google search engine
  • How can Google hacking help an Ethical Hacker?
  • Accessing online remote cameras
  • Introduction to Virtualization
  • Benefit of Virtualization
  • Hands-on with VirtualBox and other important softwares
  • Installing OS on virtual machines
  • System Cloning
  • Introduction to network and used protocols
  • What are Packets?
  • What is a Sniffers?
  • Sniffing attacks
  • What is Wireshark?
  • Packets analysis using wireshark
  • Windows Security
  • Login into OS by changing Passwords
  • Getting Access to System By changing Privileges
  • Hacking Windows Passwords
  • Hack into windows registry
  • Breaking the Windows Security
  • Hack from One user to another user
  • Different techniques to get the Passwords
  • Loopholes in windows
  • Securing your windows
  • Introduction of SQL
  • What is SQL injection?
  • Checking SQL injection vulnerability
  • Basic strategy of SQL injection
  • Getting login credentials using SQL injections
  • URL and Forms
  • SQL Query SELECT, DROP etc.
  • SQL cheat sheets
  • Various SQL injection tools
  • Importance of server side validation
  • How to protect your system from SQL Injections
  • What is XSS attack?
  • Loopholes causing XSS attack
  • Identifying victim for XSS Attack
  • Preparation for XSS attack
  • Introduction to Javascript
  • Java script for XSS Attack
  • Attacking on website through XSS
  • Damages caused by XSS attack
  • Protecting systems against XSS attack
  • Google hack using XSS attack
  • What is phishing?
  • Social engineering used in phishing
  • Phishing attack
  • Phishing sites
  • Protection against phishing
  • Viruses: Trojans, Worms, Malware, Spyware
  • Modes of spreading
  • Different Ways a Trojan can Get into a System
  • Creation of Trojan
  • Attacking a system using our Trojan
  • Indications of a Trojan Attack
  • How to Detect Trojans?
  • How to determine which Ports are listening
  • Understanding cookies and sessions
  • Reading and writing cookies
  • Passive Vs Active session hijack
  • TCP sessions and HTTP sessions
  • TCP session hijacking: Telnet
  • Stealing Cookies to hijack session using: XSS
  • Sniffers
  • Spoofing
  • Spoofing Vs Hijacking
  • Types of Hijacking
  • Protection against session Hijacking
  • Overview of Social Engineering
  • Case Study
  • Vulnerability in Social Engineering
  • Example of Social Engineering attack
  • Security against Social Engineering
  • What is Metasploit?
  • Metasploit Terminology?
  • What is Meterpreter?
  • Windows Backdooring using Metasploit
  • Various Attacks using Metasploit
  • What is DNS Spoofing?
  • How does it work?
  • How to secure yourself?
  • DNS Spoofing
  • How does an email work?
  • Tracing an email
  • Spam
  • What is spamming?
  • Methods of prevention
  • Laws about spamming.
  • Fake emails generation.
  • Detecting fake emails.
  • What is a firewall? & how can it help you.
  • How a firewall works.
  • What are keyloggers?
  • Types of keyloggers?
  • How keylogger works?
  • How to detect keylogger?
  • What is Fake SMS & Call?
  • Method of generating fake SMS & Calls
  • Actions to be taken for fake SMS and Calls
  • Overview of Cyber Laws.
  • Technical Aspect of Indian Cyber Law.
  • IT ACT 2000 & 2008.
  • Cyber Crime/terrorism and its type.
  • Cyber Law Cases In India.
  • Important Sections in the Indian constitution Sec. 65, 66 A, B, C, D, 67, 69 etc.
  • Organization under Cyber Laws.
  • Penalty in all sections of Indian constitution.

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