Welcome to our Robotics Lab

Robotics: The Future is HERE

OSAHUB Technologies brings to you the latest innovations in Robotics and Machine Learning. With a wonderful and fully equipped Robotics lab, we bring to you several course wherein you'll learn everything about creating your own robot, from scratch. These courses are divided based on ease, and can cater to all your needs as a robotics enthusiast. Whether you're a newbie, or a season veteran in the art of Robot making, you'll learn a lot from these courses.

Come join us today, and explore this amazing world of the future brought to you right now.

Robotics Courses

  • Line Follower Robot More Details

    We cant say it enough, ROBOTS ARE COOL. Create your robots that'll move on designated paths and you get to race them. Aren't you excited???

  • Mobile Robotics More Details

    Mobile robots are those that move in multiple directions. Join us to create your own mobile robots, and we guarantee you a lot of fun and learning.

  • AI & Machine Learning More Details

    Imagine a robot that can have conversations, or play chess against you. We'll get you started on your journey to creating such robots in the future.

  • Flying Robotics More Details

    Create our own robots that can fly. Did you see the QUADCOPTER in 3 Idiots, you'll be creating that ON YOUR OWN. And then you are going to fly it.

  • UnderWater Robotics More Details

    Start imagining sub-marines and robotic fishes. But why just imagine them, when you can create your own underwater marvels. Join this course and in no time you'll have your very own underwater robot scanning the depths of the seas.

  • Micromouse Controller More Details

    Micromouse controller bots are robots that do not run with remotes, and can navigate through mazes without any external help. Thats unbelievable, right, because as a person you cant navigate mazes easily, but this robot can.

  • Intelligent Motion Robots More Details

    Intelligent motion is robots is extremely useful for creating robots that can navigate the real world without crashing into everything. These robots use sensors to sense their surroundings and then move accordingly.